Welcome to SLACY’S!

Here at Slacy’s we offer you the latest and greatest fashion and products for Second Life.  SLACY’S is maintained by fashion designer Sabrina and scripter Bryan.  The combination of design and technology makes for one of the finest selections of Second Life products.
Please visit this blog frequently as offers will be posted here on a regular bases.

Click here to visit SLACY’S in Second-Life

Shaking Off the Stage Freight

It’s been  quite a bit of  time since Bryan gave me this wonderful blog site as a special present on a very special day.  I have to say I have been lax in truly getting it going.  Partially, this is due to the fact that I am bad, bad about poofing my floors and recoloring the castle while designing.  Its just soooo easy to say “YES, I clicked delete (or color), NOW DO IT.”  This has not always been the best move as I remember our entire castle turning bright red and of falling desperately to earth when the floor, for some reason, just disappeared.  Well, admitting to being a non-techy, I have been truly afraid of doing some horrible thing to this beautiful gift.  But, inaction is also not a way to honor this special gift. Please bear with me as I learn more and strive to bring you special news of promotions and events, post some nice tips to hopefully, answer some of your questions and improve your second life and let you know of our new releases.  And mostly, I want to thank Bryan for a wonderful gift and a wonderful second life adventure.  So, I begin…..hope you enjoy and come back often



A Bit About Bryan and Sabrina

First, I would like to tell you a bit about Bryan and Sabbie.  It all began long ago in a world far far away from reality, when freebies were bargain basement at best and money for a gal’s shopping needs was earned by camping on dance pads or washing windows.  Sabbie was dancing on a pad and doing a bit of gambling when in walked a guy in a white suit who said “Hi”.  Well, noticing the owner tag and being a total noob she asked “what are you an owner of.”  From those few words almost 7 years ago, a strong and lasting respect and friendship grew.  Today, B & Sabbie are partners in crime, loving our SL adventure. While both of us are creative, the creativity shows in Bryan as a fabulous scripter and builder, and I am thriving more in the artsy area of fashion design.  Together, we have combined some pretty ok skills to provide you with great items to enhance your SL.   This picture is one of our moments of conspiring…what a way to work!!

Snapshot _ SLACY'S and BS HEAVEN, Alta Mira (163, 199, 22) - Mo

Dream, Design and Dance With Life!!

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